How to transfer and watch video on iPad Mini for windows 8.1 blue

Since last week Apple released a series products including iPad Mini, every website is flooded with the news of Apple’s products. To some users, it’s such a short time for them to get ready to through their new iPads away. But, Apple still has its magic to make us be crazy about iPad Mini. It’s portable; it’s lighter, so we can take it anywhere. With the most sufficient video converter – Ann Video Converter, we can transfer and watch video on iPad Mini whenever we want.

General view of iPad Mini

As the world expected, we'd go as far as saying that the iPad Mini is our favourite iPad yet. The smaller size, thinner shape and lighter weight makes it is easy to hold and manipulate in the hand. It's definitely more premium that we were expecting. Someone says its impressively light feel in the hand, is much like the iPhone 5, and it still has a whopping 10 hours of battery life.

iPad Mini still can only play MP4?

The answer is of cause yes, but why? This all-in-one media consulate plays just one video format? To iPad Mini, its player can only play MP4, because MP4 format allows fast streaming over the internet and it has smaller file size compared to other file formats yet provides great audio and video quality. You can play RMVB or WMA on iPad Mini, too. But you have to install other players whose play effect is still not smooth enough. So then you need a tool to convert the normal video formats all into MP4.

How to convert videos to iPad Mini

Normally we could not convert videos to MP4 directly. We need a kind of tool named as video converter to help us transfer videos to MP4 format. We could google out thousands of video converters; some of them are priced up to 40 or 50 dollars. Do they worth it? I don’t think so, for basic users, we just need to convert videos to the format we want. Who has such an abundant time to edit their video clips? So that we just need the basic function, and those function can totally satisfy all our need. Here, I recommended Ann Video Converter which is a professional and super powerful video converting tool with an amazing fast speed.

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